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Apr 11, 2023
    1. Waleed Elmandouh
      Waleed Elmandouh
      We want to use mini pc in a device we’ll be producing as the main processing unit. I can't get in contact with anyone with information about the expected life cycle of this pc. If we use this computer, we will be ordering a lot of computers and we need to know the lead time and the discounts we can get on large orders. Please let me know how we can contact in this regard.
    2. Patrick
      Firstly, thank you for this product
      It would be perfect other than my issues with its patchy responsiveness. Every 30 seconds all keyboard inputs stop for about 5-10 seconds. Any button input actions that are pressed in this time are either ignored or are queued up and processed at the end of the pause in a fast dump. Its a frustrating effect, especially when navigating HTPC menus.
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    A Mini PC lover, formerly Product Director of MINIX.