AirMouse stopped when scroll is used.

Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by MarcosVitali, May 23, 2019.

  1. MarcosVitali

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    Today, I've received this amazing product, the only issue is the AirMouse stop when scroll in the web navigator or Netflix.
    That breaks the experience completely, I have LG magic controller with WebOs in my smart TV and the best feature is the AirMouse and the scrolling. Please fix this issue.
    This is very serious and if I had known, I would not have bought the product.
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  2. Ken

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    Mouse cursor is automatically disabled when directional keys are being accessed,

    this is how this remote works by design,

    it avoids the mouse cursor randomly swinging all over the screen when you are accessing up/down/left/right keys.

    You can always re-activate the cursor on demand by pressing the cursor activation key in between the volume + & volume - keys.

    More importantly:

    This is a NECESSARY feature, when direction keys (↑/↓/←/→)are being used, you need to complete an action by hitting the “Enter” key, and if the pointer arrow isn’t disabled, the “Enter” key remains to be the mouse pointer “left click” key and can’t perform the “Enter” action.

    W10 GYRO is by design to work with either:
    1.) ”direction key + Enter” command [as if it's a remote] or;
    2.) “mouse pointer + left click” [as if it's a mouse] combination.

    Please kindly understand.
  3. MarcosVitali

    MarcosVitali New Member

    Iam developer and I understand it, but you also can implement scroll wheel in the remote and this should be compatible with de Air mouse without issues.
  4. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your suggestion! You will probably seeing this feature when we launch the gen 2 of this product in the future ;)