Can I use the ethernet port simultaneously with the wifi

Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by McGeeMcGee, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. McGeeMcGee

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    Here's the scenario...

    I am using an HDHomerun Quatro tuner to record OTA tv shows and movies.
    The Quatro is plugged into my router and the tv signals are passed through my intranet for anyone to use, including me and quite often I am recording from all 4 tuners at the same time over the wifi.
    But I'm the only one really using it and all my recordings are available to everyone on the network via Kodi.

    Here's my objective...

    I want to plug the quatro directly to my GLK-UC2X and still be connected to my intranet over wifi.
    This will eliminate all the data traffic from the Quatro from having to come to my GLK over the wifi, and still allow me to access the internet etc from my router wirelessly and provide intranet users to still access my server's recordings.

    Thank you
  2. Ken

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    I don't think so? Windows is using Ethernet with higher priority than Wi-Fi?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. McGeeMcGee

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    Surprise! I'm doing it.

    I took a router out of my storage closet and plugged it into the enet port on the GLK but I didn't power it up. My WiFi was still working.
    Then I connected my Quatro to the router and didn't power that up either. My WiFi was still working.
    I was just trying to systematically diagnose each step I was doing.
    I powered up the router. My WiFi was still working.
    I powered up the Quatro. My WiFi was still working.
    I loaded my recording software and it found my Quatro tuners. My WiFi was still working.

    I am able to record from all the tuners and my WiFi is still working.

    I was surprised. My guess is windows doesn't toggle the WiFi off unless it senses an internet connection on the enet port.

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  4. Ken

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    wow, that's really COOL!