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  1. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Every now and then the remote crashes on me. When pressing a button, the backlight and blue led come on and the remote freezes in this state. I need to shortly disconnect the batteries to get it going again.

    This has occurred several times already in a few days time. When it happens it is always after it has been put aside for a couple of minutes.

    Are more people having this problem? Is this just bad batteries?
  2. Michal6677

    Michal6677 New Member

    I have the same problem. Have you solved it?
  3. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Hi, i just bought another one and returned the crashing one for a refund. The one i have now has not crashed on me sofar. Also, i switched from disposable alkaline batteries to recharchables (eneloop).
  4. Michal6677

    Michal6677 New Member

    Adding a link to a video with the issue (check the blue LED):

    Anyone can help?
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  5. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Yep that's exactly what i had. It's faulty and you should apply for warrenty. I remember now mine also crashed with the eneloops, so that wasn't the problem.

    Just curious, does yours have a dark area in the keyboard backlight around the letter O? Like if there is a LED missing there?
  6. Michal6677

    Michal6677 New Member

    Buttons 'O' 'P' 'DEL' and 'L' '-' '=' seem to be little darker than others.

    Do they have better backlight on the replacement you got?
  7. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    It could be either the remote or the receiver is not working properly.

    Please contact the seller and claim for a replacement.