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    Any suggestions for a suitable fan replacement on this device? The model number of my fan doesn't match to any relevant searches or similar fans. Also, I've cleaned the fan but it still creates considerable noise under high loads (temps). Thx o(";")o
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    isn't it normal to have louder sound when the fan spins at a higher rpm?
    Certainly we can help you with this. The fan spec is "5008 (50mm x 50mm x 8mm) with PWM function.
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    Do you still need any help from us?
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    Hi again. I ordered a Delta BSB05505HP which appears similar to the original in form. Specs listed on the original were 5.0V 0.4A labeled MODEL: AGE5010F05H manufactured by WHEE. When searching for the latter model descriptor it appears to be a 2-wire 5.0V (5010) fan. I think they or somebody (possibly a robot) placed the incorrect sticker on my fan. Will post back with results of install when new fan arrives. Thanks for your help.
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    I had fan noise too.

    I've had this GLK since June or July of 2019 and am very happy with it. The noise was intermittent, so I just put up with it for months. But eventually it became unbearable.
    Then I found out that fans can be oiled, so I dropped some 3 in 1 oil into its stem well. It helped but it didn't stay quiet long.

    About 2-3 months ago (before the covid pandemic) I took it out to oil it again. As i was remounting it to the bracket I noticed that it didn't lay flat; it rocked (teetered) up and down a bit, and I remembered it was like that the previous times too(I took it out a few times to see if there was some debri in it but never found anything). And I was afraid to do anything about it.
    I think the mount or heat sink was too low such that the fan was physically hitting something below it. So I took a chance and lifted the end of the fan bracket slightly to give it more space underneath and I haven't had any significant noise since (at least 3 months). It only took a very small amount of additional gap.

    You might have a similar situation.

    Regards; and stay healthy
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    the spec does look fine. the only concern would be the length of the wires.