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    I am using a GLK-UC2X via a Samsung HW-N950 soundbar connected to my Samsung 49UM6440 4K HDR TV and also connected the PC to a LG 27UK850-W monitor, but Windows says that only SDR is supported and not HDR. With a decent HDMI cable that I am using and also with a decent USB-C cable I would have expected that HDR would be available. Anyone any advise how I can enable HDR for my GLK-UC2X?
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    Hi Ronald,

    Gemini Lake processors do not support HDR.


    "Gemini Lake has one of the most power-efficient and full-featured video decoders in the market - It is capable of even handling VP9 Profile 2 in hardware. The only disappointing aspect from a HTPC viewpoint is that HDR is not supported. Consumers looking for a full-featured HTPC setup have to look beyond Gemini Lake for their needs."
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    Thanks Ken. I did not realize this.
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