HEVC Video Extensions app for Windows 10

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    HEVC Video Extensions enable Windows 10 devices to play video using the HEVC format in any app. They're designed to take advantage of hardware capabilities on modern devices, including Intel 7th Generation Core processors and newer GPUs in order to support 4K and Ultra HD content. For devices without HEVC hardware support, software support is provided to enable local playback capabilities though the experience may vary depending on the resolution of the video and performance of your computer. In addition to supporting HEVC playback, these Extensions also include support for encoding HEVC content on devices that do not contain a hardware encoder.

    Get this app and use it with apps from Windows store that support HEVC (e.g. Netflix app) & supported hardware devices.
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    Hardware decoding verified to be working perfectly fine on our upcoming device at 4K, 10-bit, 60fps:)

    @HardwareGuru @Androsky

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    Thanks for the news :)
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    You're welcome :D
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    Nice looks like netflix is also playing 4k again at my windows 10

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    Hi Kar! What do you mean "again"?
    HDCP 2.2 PC & TV are needed by the way.
    (You know many TVs already have that app built-in by the way)
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    Since a long time I could only watch 1080 at my 4k Monitor while now I can watch 4k content as well.
    As this is not a smart TV it is not build in.

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    That's right!
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    Watch this thread if you are having problems playing HEVC files!!