How can I span 2 SSDs of different sizes?

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  1. Shanda

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    Hello Everyone,

    My original SSD that came with my mini PC is almost full and I wanted to use Windows 10 spanning to combine the original SSD with my new SSD but I'm confused on how it works exactly. I read that when you use spanning it deletes all of the data on both SSD drives and something about not being able to boot windows from the SSD drive. Right now I have both SSD drives installed and I have a external hard drive with 614GB of free space. I also have a couple of 128GB & 256GB microSD cards. Should I clone the original SSD using Macrium Reflect onto the hard drive or a microSD? Then use Windows Disk Management to span the two SSD drives into one volume then move the clone from the hard drive onto the new spanned volume? I'm sorry if this is confusing this is my first time using a computer with an SSD drive and I've never combined two into one. Thanks for your help!

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  2. Ken

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    Hi Shanda,

    2 ways:

    First method - cloning your existing OS and data from the internal storage to a new SSD using cloning software.

    Second method - running a full disk cleanup of your C: drive, use the "Cleanup system files" option and remove all those system files and OS backup copies (they use up a lot of space)

    then you may set inside of Windows settings to store all your future data to the additional new SSD drive that you are adding to, probably "D:" or "E:"
  3. Ken

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    You should consider cloning the built-in storage to the new SSD and then combine the partitions on the new SSD into one large drive.
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    Hi Ken! Thanks for your quick reply. I thought if I combined both partitions it would delete everything?
  5. Ken

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    If the data isn't that critical to keep, you should consider installing a fresh copy of Windows to the new bigger drive.