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Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by Titus L. Hill II, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Titus L. Hill II

    Titus L. Hill II New Member

    I've had my W10 Gyro for just under a week now, and I'm loving it!

    However, when I try to program in TV mode, I run into a problem. I complete Step 1 of the learning process, and the IR light goes from weak, to strong. Step 2 is causing the IR light (red) to flash 20X/20 seconds, before cutting off. It doesn't matter which button I push to be programmed. I get the same result. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Step 1:
    Press and hold the "TV" button, RED LED turns from strong to weak to strong again.

    Step 2:
    Choose and press the button that you want the IR command to be learned,
    then the RED LED will start blinking slowly.

    Step 3:
    Point the remote you want to learn to the IR window of W10 GYRO, within a 3cm range.
    Then press and hold the button on your source IR remote to send the IR signal to the W10 GYRO for learning.

    Step 4:
    If the LED blinks 3 times quickly, it means learning is successfully done.
    To learn other keys or if the learning isn't successful, repeat step 2 & 3.
    (Note: Blinking slowly is not successful)

    Step 5: Press TV key again to exit learning mode after finishing.

    P.S. All remotes are being tested in the production facility with an IR testing machine,
    so please don't worry about hardware failure, it wouldn't be.

  3. Titus L. Hill II

    Titus L. Hill II New Member

    Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot!
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  4. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    You're welcome, forum is the place to help each others.
  5. DJ Ever

    DJ Ever New Member

    I just purchased a W10 Gyro and though it seems to work well on my computer, it cannot sense any IR remote programming. Once I've entered the programming mode with the red light solid, I pressed a desired button on the W10 Gyro to program and the LED begins a slow blinking. I then aim the source remote at the W10 and press and hold the source button to be programmed on the W10, but this has no affect. After a number of seconds the LED blinks blue and goes blank, learning nothing whether I then press the TV button to finalize or not. I've tried this again and again with multiple different buttons but without any success. The source remote is a Sony RMT-TX200U, and I've also tried a Logitech speaker remote but neither could be learned. Please advise.
  6. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Please check and follow the below guide:

    Let us know if it’s still not working for yours!

    Sorry for the late reply!
  7. Stefan Eastwood

    Stefan Eastwood New Member

    Hi I've got a similar problem, when I try to get into learning mode the red light does not dim it starts blinking blue and red ? Any ideas ?
  8. Support

    Support Administrator

    Blinking blue and red is mostly the battery is running low and not allowing you to get into the learning mode.
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  9. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    To learn this remote you have to very very precisly point to W10 Gyro from orginal remote.

    Some orginal remotes, have IR diode not directly in center, good way is to check IR light for example in phone camera, and then point directly IR light to W10 Gyro in center.

    This should be fixed, because my many others remotes learn much easier. Also IR transmitter in remote is not great, I have to point remote directly to devices to work.