"MAIM M" button what it mean ?

Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by PeterMac, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Maim M button what it mean on this remote, should be "Main M" as main menu :)

    I see this also in manual.

    I do not want to buy this remote with that mistake :)

    Also this should call corectlly "WinX M"
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  2. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Someone answer here ?
  3. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Button 5

    WIN + X: Open the advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Richard - I know, but this remote have wrong label name on button Maim M, should me Main M.

    What version you have ?
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  5. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    It should be "Main", it was a typing mistake in the first batch and we have fixed in last year.
    The factory made a mistake, it should be "Main M" (Main Menu).
  6. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Too bad that it isn't "Main" for example in Gearbest shop where I wanted to buy it :(
    They checked this for me. I thought they selling new fixed version.
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  7. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    I believe they are showing the old pictures, this problem was fixed for over a year so I don't see why they would still have the old stock.
  8. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Right, I had to cancel my order after I received answer today from they, I was almost sure that sell now new good version.

    My question was: "Do you know something about mistake labeled button on this remote, button MAIM M, should be MAIN M. what version do you selling with this mistake of without?"

    Their answer: "Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us . The item we sell is MAIM M ."

    I had to wait for their answer few days, before today answer they previous answer like this
    "We need to confirm this issue with our relevant department and will get back to you with an update as soon as possible.We will then resolve this issue to your satisfaction."

    So hard to know, where they checked this.

    Maybe you can verify this better what they selling, I wll be very appreaciate for that, I wish to buy this remote, but I do not want it with that bad labeled button.
  9. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    I can confirm that version from Gearbest is fixed with correct name "Main M" button
  10. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    this problem was fixed for over a year;)