NiHM batteries

Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by Sieds, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Can anyone confirm this device will run properly on 1.2 V HiMH recharchable batteries? It looks like it's gonna cost me a fortune running this on disposable alkalines...

  2. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Yes it works perfect, I use it with Eneloops AAA.
  3. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Ok thanks. Will have to get me a set of those :)
  4. Support

    Support Administrator

    Yes, we are using Eneloop batteries in our office.
  5. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Ok thanks. I got myself a set of AAA eneloops and indeed it works just fine sofar.

    It still crashes on me occasionally though. Also with freshly charged batteries. Will contact the seller to see if i can try another.