No Ethernet with USB-C TCH-2 adapter

Discussion in 'TCH hubs without PD (Power Delivery) support' started by Helder Telecom & ICT, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I've recieved a replacement TCH-2 usb-c adapter.
    But this one has the same problem.

    USB ports are working fine but the Ethernet port is not recognised.

    In dutch:

    Ik heb nu een tweede TCH-2 ontvangen, de eerste heeft het een week gedaan daarna stopte de netwerk poort er mee USB werkte wel. Die opgestuurd en nieuwe gekregen. Helaas heb ik daarmee het zelfde probleem.

    Ik hoop dat iemand hier een oplossing heeft.


    Gijs Hofman
    Helder telecom & ICT
  2. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Wich pc/laptop you use? On wich OS is the pc/laptop. Please tell us a bit more info.

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  3. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member


    Please provide the OS and hardware that it’s been testing with! Thanks!
  4. We have 2 HP spectre laptops and 2 surfaces.
    All On Win 10 latest update.
    af of 23-02-2019.

    All with the same problem, the TCH-6 is working fine but the TCH-2 only has USB ports working.


  5. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Noted, we shall further analyze when we got the returned unit back.
  6. The new unit works as intended great work.
    I'll return the other unit.


  7. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Great Gijs,

    I see the unit back and send it to Ken.

    Have a nice weekend


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  8. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    We shall analyze it when we got it, thanks~
  9. m salleh m hanafiah

    m salleh m hanafiah New Member


    I've purchased TCH-2. USB connector are working. But Ethernet connector not working.
    Do you have any driver for TCH-2. I'm using Acer Swift 3 with Windows 10 OS.

  10. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Go to Device Manager -> View -> Show hidden devices -> Network adapters ->
    remove the records of any older network adapters that you've used before -> Try plugging in the hub again

    TCH-2 doesn't require driver installation, but older devices may conflict.