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Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by Sea Drone, Dec 19, 2020.

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    Hi again.

    I finally got the active DP - HDMI cable and got the picture on my tv set, all good there. BUT...
    To my big surprise was when I finally switch to Youtube for some ultra crispy 4K videos, I see that the video is extremely choppy (at best). The video freezes like all the time, giving my at max 8-10 at best.

    Is this a common problem for this mini pc, I'm surely wrong, no..?

    The CPU is pretty much working overtime at 100% when trying the Youtube video-thingy. Scrolling a webpage seams choppy to. Surely this PC can do much better than this, i.e. I'm doing something wrong, or there's something wrong with the box itself.

    I can attached a picture that shows a YouTube video playing a 4K video and we can see the CPU working overtime with this even with a scaled down window.

    Any suggestions would be greatly be appreciated.

    Sea Drone
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    Browser issue, you need one that supports hardware video decoding.

    Are you using 4GB or 8GB of RAM?

    To ensure smooth 4K streaming, 4GB x 2 (Dual-channel) is recommended.
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    Please check the reply above.
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    e.g. new Edge Browser is better than Chrome for YouTube streaming, as you can see below, even N4000 with half the CPU cores and lower GPU frequency can handle the 4K YouTube stream with dual-channel RAM using Edge browser.


    GPU loading is very stable at around 30%
    CPU loading fluctuates according to the network buffering status.
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    HI, and thanks for the fast replay. So sorry I neglected to give y'all the specs in the initial post. Here they are:

    4 gigs memory
    Firefox 64 bit browser (yes I'm a FF slave :)

    I did try Edge and indeed the YouTube video plays all fine now, but the CPU still shows as a solid block @100% (wish I could post a screen grab).
    But I'm gonna order an extra 4gig stick, since windows 10 apparently have a harder time in a 4gig enviroment.
    Fingers crossed! :)

    Thanks once again for the support!

    I would like this opportunity to wish you all a joyful Christmas holiday.

    Kind rgds,
    Sea Drone
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    Firefox might not be a good choice in terms of video decoder support.
    Thank you, we wish you and your family a merry, merry Christmas.