Pro tip/workaround: How to scroll web pages without mouse automatically disabling

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    I just recently got this remote and immediately noticed a major drawback - air mouse getting disabled every time you scroll a web page or anything else (=use the arrow buttons). I fully understand this is a design compromise made so it can be more fluently used with software suchs as Kodi where you navigate with arrow keys and need an enter button. But this doesn't really help me or any of the many other people who have been commenting about this issue. I thought it would be cool of there was a separate button for scrolling web pages, like you can with regular mouse middle button.

    Then I thought, why don't I just do that? A quick google and here is what I did

    1. Download AutoHotkey
    2. Make a script that swaps "Task Manager" shortcut with middle mouse button
    3. Done.

    Now, when I press and hold "Task Manager" button it will scroll when I move the airmouse. When I release it, it works like a normal airmouse again. Perfect.

    Here is the guide I used *link here*
    The code I used to swap Task Manager with middle mouse button. Ofc you can swap any other button aswell if you prefer

    Maybe in a future v2 remote we can see this as a default feature - or a hardware scroll wheel, that would be cool ;)

    E: I cant post links. Google "How to Change Default Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10" and there is a link to maketecheasier.