Program Back key on W10 to send Backspace command to Kodi

Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by Dylan Law, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Dylan Law

    Dylan Law New Member

    Hi all. I've not long purchased a Pepper Jobs W10 Gyro remote to use with my Windows 10 HTPC for Kodi and so far it's been fantastic all except for one niggle. When going through menus in Kodi (I use it to connect to a large local database hosted on my NAS drives) sometimes using the Esc button will go back to the Kodi home page instead of going back one menu at a time.

    I previously used a MCE RC6 Remote and the Back button on that acted like a backspace keypress. I was wondering if there is any way of remapping the Back button on the W10 to send a Backspace command to the HTPC?

    I have looked at the Kodi keyboard.xml but it's a bit confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    On the keyboard side, "<-" key is backspace? Isn't it?
  3. Dylan Law

    Dylan Law New Member

    It is yes but I want to use the backspace key on the remote control side. The Esc button on the remote tends to take you back to the main home screen in Kodi rather than back a step once you have gone through multiple menus.

    Using ShowKey, the Esc key on the remote side returns the following
    KeyID: 37(0x25) - VK_LEFT
    Mod: Alt
    Command: <left mod="alt">Notification(Key, left, 3)</left>

    Is there a way of remapping this key using something like AdvancedMCERemoteMapper to push a Backspace command instead or by editing the keyboard.xml file in Kodi?
  4. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    You don't have to edit the main keyboard.xml file - indeed its really preferable that you don't!
    You create a mini- keymap.xml file and place it in your userdata/keymaps folder

    Here's how to do that - & couple of other features too (you can use that attached file for all three features, or modify it as you choose)

    p.s. There's also a Kodi Add-on that addresses that - (I can't post a link apparently so just look up keymap editor in the Kodi Wiki or just install it directly from the Kodi Repo)
    I have never used it so can't speak to its viability, just know it exists
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  5. Dylan Law

    Dylan Law New Member

    Great, thanks for your help. I will look into these today and let you know hoe I get on. Thanks again
  6. Dylan Law

    Dylan Law New Member

    Just a quick update following advice from DEcosse, I downloaded and used the Kodi add-on Keymap Editor and it has worked a treat. I know have the Back button mapped to backspace and can properly navigate all of the kodi menus. Many thanks for all the help DEcosse