Recommendation for RAM and M.2

Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by graziano, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. graziano

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    I would buy a GLK-UC2X and I would setup it with

    8GB*2 RAM dual channel
    Which cheaper RAM do you recommend ?
    Do I need to do some change in bios ? If yes, what please ?

    M.2 drive under $70
    Which M.2 drive under $70 could your recommend me ?
    Also here, do I need to do some change in bios ? If yes, what please ?

    GLK-UC2X come with Windows preinstalled and licensed or should I buy a license ?
    And , if Windows 10 is preinstalled , do you recommend the hardware changes above (RAM and M.2) before or after the very first system boot ?

    Sorry for all questions, hope to receive a reply , thank you!
  2. BarHan

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    Bought mine a month ago, windows 10 pro was licensed and ready to use.
    I added this 4G ram to the existing one: Crucial CT4G4SFS824A (8G total), no problems.
    Would also like to know about the (bios) updates for instance buying:
    WD Green SSD (G2G0B) 240GB. All my date goes to a server, no need for a bigger one.
    thank you in advance.
  3. graziano

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    anyone there ?
  4. BarHan

    BarHan New Member

    Alive and kicking...
    Bought the WD green, no problem runs OK.
    Used the Macruim software to clone the 64GB to the 240GB.
    Few minutes and done!
  5. Ken

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  6. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Have you checked the activation status on the 240GB copy after cloning?
  7. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    M.2 under $70:
  8. BarHan

    BarHan New Member

    Just did:

    Windows is activated
    product-id: etc etc

    Seems ok.

    While cloning with Macruim (small to bigger ssd) drag and drop your partitions to the new ssd.
    Put the windows partition at the end.
    Then you can manually increase the size to occupy the entire ssd.

    What i don't understand is the size of the recovery partition on the build in 64GB drive.
    According to Macrium :
    NTFS partition
    14.2 MB of 700 MB occupied?
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  9. Enzo

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    Hey Ken, is that WD Blue 500Gb drive you link to above still a recommended “value” drive? Looking for a good price performer and just wondering if something else has popped up since last June.
  10. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    we should have replied to you by email earlier.
    Yes, we would still recommend this series.