[Solved] Unusual high CPU usage by System and System interrupts

Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by WereW, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    I don’t know why you are having this problem, we can’t tell remotely, but you should at least able to see which device or process is loading up the CPU? We have to narrow it down first. (e.g. by disabling the Ethernet device to see if the % goes down)

    Did you change any of those BIOS settings? Reset to default if you do.

    This is a guide to fix the high system interrupts issue:

    We can do remote access to take a look if you wouldn’t mind. Win 10 Pro should support this feature.
  2. WereW

    WereW New Member

    I'm done troubleshooting. I've spent way too much time not enjoying this PC.
    I've given you the *.etl file, there you can figure out what is using the cpu. (as if I didn't already point it out in my second post)

    Now I see only two solutions to this problem:
    1- I send it back to the seller to get my refund.
    2- I get a replacement unit from you guys before my return window ends (march 3rd) and send the non functioning back for you to analyse

    If you guys are the ebay seller in germany, then it will be more easy to do this.
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  3. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    No problem, I have already informed our reseller to get it touch with you.
  4. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    I’ve studied the file again, I think I’ve found a clue, I may send you a file to test, please send me a private message.
  5. WereW

    WereW New Member

    I got the replacement unit.

    It works as expected out-of-the-box.
    No processes are hogging up the CPUs processing power.

    Maybe the firts one got internally damaged in the shipping process, extreme cold or something like that. Bad luck.
    Will be sending it back.
  6. Hardeep Kaur

    Hardeep Kaur New Member

    Well the System interrupts process pretends as a CPU alarm system and if any condition requires the CPU attention then the system interrupts will prompt the processor of the high priority condition.

    And the system interrupts high CPU usage issue is reported by many users, so to fix it, you can try different solutions given like:
    • Update the hardware driver
    • Disable the Windows Fast startup as this cause the high CPU usage problem
    • Disable the audio enhancement features
    • Update the BIOS/UEFI
    Hope the given solutions works in your case to fix the system interrupts high CPU usage.