What is the output charging?

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  1. tolja27

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    Hello , I'm interested in buying this product and I plan to use it with Samsung S8 for Dex. I'm interested in what is the charging output (for monitor to charge phone) is it at least 9W, which is the minimum for Dex to start on Samsung s8?
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  2. Anthonysock

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    As I know that is not 9W. They named it auxiliary charging output. 3W.
    But I think that's enough for the phone, at least the monitor won't steal battery from your phone and keep your phone always working.

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  3. Ken

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    S8, S8+ are both tested to work, no worries.
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    You are right, i was confused- It's just with the Dex station that S8 needs 9W charging. Thanks for reply!
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