15V Power Delivery profile

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    We have only released one non-mandatory FW update for the USB-C port no. 1,
    adding support for USB-C PD 15 Volt profile.

    1. Hit “Delete” during cold boot or restart to go into BIOS
    2. Under the Chipset section, make sure the option for FW update is set to [PCI Mode] upload_2019-9-19_13-37-47.png (This is to enable the USB-C port's firmware update channel)
    3. Save and Exit BIOS
    4. Boot into Windows
    5. Extract and Run the FW update tool that I’ve sent you
    6. Run the ANX74xx_7327_Family_Custom_Configuration_Tool
    7. Open File -> FW programming
    8. Choose the File “15V40W.hex”, then hit “Start”
    9. You are going to see a message “Flash Update Succeeded”
    10. Reboot the GLK-UC2X mini PC
    11. Hit “Delete” during boot to go into BIOS
    12. This time, change the FW update mode from [PCI Mode] back to [Disabled]
    13. Save and Exit.

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