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    KRAKEN New Member

    Just got the remote a few days, been waiting for a good windows 10 air mouse/keyboard combo for years, been stuck using android versions until now.

    This remote is great, has everything I was looking for, except for one MAJOR flaw, having the left click button surrounded by buttons that disable the air mouse. It's a ridiculous design choice.

    The technical reasons behind the choice does not matter, because if you're buying the remote to use for the most part as an air mouse, the arrow keys make this remote essentially unusable.

    And on top of constantly disabling the mouse every time you accidentally click and arrow instead of the left mouse, you have to re activate the air mouse every time you wake up the remote, it doesn't remember that the air mouse was last used before it went to sleep. Another inefficient design choice.

    As much as I love this remote and wish it didn't have this glaring issue, I think I'm returning it and going back to a cheapo android airmouse that works as it should, it's unfortunate because everything else about it is fantastic.
  2. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, if the cursor swings everywhere while you are accessing the directional keys, will you be more happy? We may send you a customised special edition just for you if you do like that... (postal fee applies)...

    But like you said... you accidentally clicked it, that’s not your intention, I believe that’s the real reason behind... if you do click the keys intentionally, then probably you wouldn’t feel it that way.

    KRAKEN New Member

    It's not necessarily accidental, it's often on purpose, because when you're in a browser using the air mouse, you often want to press the down arrow to scroll the page down faster, then continue with the airmouse to click a link, you're assuming only an air mouse or only the arrows are necessary, but when using a normal computer mouse, you're moving the cursor around with the mouse, and also using the middle button as a scroller, so in this case, the arrows are supposed to act as the directional scrolling.

    So if you can send one where both the air mouse and arrows continue to work at the same time, that would be perfect, I would definitely pay postage.

    Thank you for the reply
  4. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, but we have to keep it as it as because most people do like it the current way.

    I’ll messsge you when the “special edition” is ready.

    KRAKEN New Member

    Sounds good.

    Much appreciated
  6. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there!

    This morning (Monday morning), we've had an internal meeting with our engineers to discuss the issue you reported.

    The technical reasons behind the choice do matter!

    Technically, we CAN make a special version that the mouse cursor won't go off when you press the D-Pad buttons,
    however, you have to accept the following drawbacks:

    1.) You cannot use the "Enter" command of the front "mouse left-click" (OK) key without manually disabling the mouse cursor, every time;
    2.) The cursor will be swinging around on the screen and you can't use the "Enter" key before you disable the cursor mode;

    Because both "Enter" and "mouse left-click" (OK) buttons are sharing the same key, you can't have both commands working at a time.

    Do you still want it knowing these consequences? You will need more presses than the current logic. Please comment.
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    KRAKEN New Member

    Yeah that's fine, the airmouse will only be disabled if the actual airmouse button is pressed or if the remote is flipped, so that's perfect.

    Enter on the front is rarely used, the only time I ever use enter is on the back with the keyboard, so I think disabling the Enter key until physically pressing the airmouse button is the perfect solution.

    Thank you for all the extra effort you guys are putting in, it says a lot about your company.
  8. Anthonysock

    Anthonysock New Member

    It is my banana when I run Kodi. That is literally a difficult choice in fact. I think both way of them are all make sence.
    I dont know but I have been accustomed to the way do it.
  9. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    You will get definitely WORSE Kodi experience if the response of the Enter key changed...
  10. Anthonysock

    Anthonysock New Member

    Exactly. In Kodi it is a dope.
  11. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    It depends, if you are inside of Kodi, Enter key is way more important than you think.
  12. Catrik

    Catrik New Member

    Is the remote manufactured by you and rebranded by others? I just bought an Orbsmart WA-1 and I have the same issue. It is so annoying to have the mouse disabled every single time I scroll down a web page.

    Would it be possible to make it so that pressing and holding the mouse activation button, the cursor will stop moving and instead you scroll the web page via "mouse" movement? Then, when you let go of the button the cursor moves normally again. This way you wouldnt need to compromise the Enter/click button as discussed above.

    PS. I really love the window resize/reposition keys, one of the main reasons why I chose this product over others.
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  13. Anthonysock

    Anthonysock New Member

    You are so damn funny, bro. :D:D:D
    ROFL,you buy an Orbsmart and ask Pepper Jobs for help.
    But I think Ken will figure it out.
  14. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately that's how the remote is designed and defined.
  15. Catrik

    Catrik New Member

    What's funny about it? Already found the answer from another topic and Orbsmart WA-1 is made by Pepper Jobs. Who should I ask for technical help or suggestions if not the manufacturer?
  16. Pavel Ruban

    Pavel Ruban New Member

    @Ken I got w10 gyro and thats excellent product, but this scroll problem in browser just kills whole experience, i just dont get why its not possible to have a toggled setting in software that allows you not to disable pointer when you click scroll button and to keep left button clickable, if needed for kodi it can be toggled back, also how to prevent pointer to get disabled after timeout, if i want disable it i can click airmouse button or flip the controller, it just gets really annoying as i bought controller for w10 as advertised and not for kodi and tv like arrows/enter interfaces.

    can i have firmware or software which behaves like this:
    * if airmouse is enabled arrows work like scrol and dont disable mouse, so you can scrol, move pointer and use left click
    * if airmouse is on it doest get disabled after imeout only if gyro is static for more than 3 mins to not drain the battery otherwise it can be disable by clicking airmouse button
    * if airmouse is disabled arrows work as in android tv or kodi and you can use enter/ok button as well

    in my opinion this is logical maybe you have some specific hardware limitations but i dont think so as it easily can be coded

    can i get firwware by email and flash it myself? i have experience with avr and stm32 socs and have programmators for it tp flash without bootloader if you have open pins? Or at least can i get access to firmware / software source code and edit it myself? while i can remap some keys of input i cant affect internal logic of controller without .

    i found some workaroung for browser scrolling but it doesnt work in system menus and other soft like steam - i installed scroltoany browser plugin and mapped scrol to the right mouse click, so i use conextual menu as button to press and scroll then release and it doesnt disable air pointer, so it became more or less usable but still not optimal, previously it was frankly speaking awful experience.

    thanks in advance
  17. Pavel Ruban

    Pavel Ruban New Member

    or if its easier when you click arrow buttons disable pointer temporary and if it was enabled before the scrolling enable it back after scrol button is released or after small timeout like 0.2 seconds
  18. Support

    Support Administrator

    We had explained that before, the directional buttons are supposed to interact with the Enter command instead of left clicks. (imagine it's just a keyboard).

    And the mouse is interacting with the left click command (imagine it's just a mouse).

    They come in a pair.