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  1. Ken

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    Here are some of the comments we collected from buyers of W10 GYRO, plus our feedback:

    1.) Entire bottom row of 4 keys does not work, along with others that work sporadically.
    Our comment:

    All keys of W10 GYRO are designed to 100% work and functioning properly for Windows 10 system.
    If users are using this remote with other operating systems, e.g. Android, then some pre-defined keys for Windows may not work.
    This remote is designed for Windows 10 OS, as stated clearly on our listing.
    The bottom row of 4 keys are working with Windows 10 to:
    i.) maximize current Window = "Win + Up Arrow" command;
    ii.) minimize current Window = "Win + Down Arrow" command;
    iii.) realigning current Window to the left half of the screen = "Win + Left Arrow" command;
    iv.) realinging current Window to the right half of the screen = "Win + Right Arrow" command;

    Therefore, those keys are not "not working", but they work only for Windows OS.
    W10 GYRO is a remote designed specially for Windows 10 system.

    2.) Backlit LED turns off way to soon
    Our comment:

    The backlit is designed to turn off after 5 seconds when user stopped pressing any of the buttons (idle state).
    If user keeps using the remote or pressing any of the buttons, the backlit LED simply never turns off.
    And 5 seconds is a reasonable duration because if the backlit LED off timer is set to 10 seconds, 15 seconds, battery drainage would be doubled, tripled.

    Our action plan:
    We may consider extending the backlit LED off timer to ~8-10 seconds, please comment.
    We have to strike for a good balance between duration & power consumption.

    3.) Pointer arrow gets turned off every time a direction key is used, VERY annoying
    Our comment:

    This is a NECESSARY feature, when direction keys (↑/↓/←/→)are being used, you need to complete an action by hitting the “Enter” key, and if the pointer arrow isn’t disabled, the “Enter” key remains to be the mouse pointer “left click” key and can’t perform the “Enter” action.

    W10 GYRO is by design to work with either ONE -> ”direction key + Enter” command [as if it's a remote] or; TWO -> “mouse pointer + left click” [as if it's a mouse] combination.

    4.) Range is indicated to be 10m but it struggles to get to 5m before dropping connection or erratically working.
    Our comment:

    When using with new/healthy pair of AAA batteries, operating distance is tested and proven to be over 10 meters.
    Distance is 5 meters or less because of one reason:
    Batteries are running low or you are using old/used batteries instead of a new pair.

    We strongly recommend using the W10 GYRO remote with a NEW pair of Alkaline AAA batteries, and replace them when the low-power status LED blinks (blinking Blue LED).

    5.) Slow response time, time delay between button press and action is too long.
    Our comment:

    Normal key response time of W10 GYRO is 1 millisecond = 0.001 second.
    The worst response time of W10 GYRO is ~200 milliseconds = ~0.2 second, when there are lots of interference signals around (e.g. 6 routers of different 2.4GHz channels in the same room).
    And the delay time of first hit after waking up the remote from its sleep state is 64 milliseconds = 0.064 second.

    We believe these response timings are much faster than a normal human could perceive,
    except for these 2 guys...:D


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  2. Ken

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  3. KisSme

    KisSme New Member

    Hi !
    I was looking for remote control like this, since 5 years now...
    I'm waiting to receive it next week.
    I'm hoping this is the ultimate remote for windows user :)
  4. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Hi! Thanks for supporting us, we wish you will enjoy it and if you have any questions,
    please feel free to ask us here!

    The front side of the remote can learn IR commands of up to 34 keys,
    only 3 keys cannot be used to learn: 1.) Win10 mode key 2.) TV mode key & 3.) Mouse cursor activate key.
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  5. KisSme

    KisSme New Member

    Hi !
    I woudlike to tell you that is just AWESOMMMMMMMME !!!
    This remote is AMAZINGGGGGGG
    OMG !!!

    I dont know how can i thank you, you saved me !
    Now, i can tell you ! Actually, this is the best remote control ever maded for Windows in this WORLD !
    THANKS !!! :D :D :D :D
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  6. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for your compliment. ;)
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  7. Paul

    Paul New Member

    For actionpoint 2, the backlight on time:
    I would prefer 8 seconds timer over 5 seconds. 10 might be too long, considering the power needed for the leds.

    Another suggestion, and not sure if it is technically possible, it would be nice to have the ability to dim the backlight. Might also safe some battery power.
  8. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Great suggestions, we shall take these ideas into account, thanks!
  9. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    I do agree that it would be nice for the backlight to remain on longer

    I've been using for about a week now & already LOVE this remote - the positive tactile feel of the key actuation is especially nice.
    It is so great to have a specifically windows remote that absolutely meets my requirements - an extremely useful key function I discovered (by happy accident!) on the front side is of the move-up key: when using Kodi it toggles between Windowed and Full Screen mode! - That is a really simple way to minimize while leaving app open; or to access other windows (like browser for example) without having to use the backside keyboard to first toggle to windowed mode. (normally this function would be the \ key on the keyboard) Then when you have done with the other window, return to Kodi and press same key again to get full-screen. (Note that this key only does this Windowed/Full Screen Toggle on Kodi app - not for other Windows)
    And another way to accomplish above, switching between Kodi Full Screen and Other windows directly (without exiting full screen mode on Kodi) is to use the Tasks Key. Two great shortcuts I have been missing!
  10. Ian

    Ian New Member

    I was happy to read this, as it would indeed be useful, but the Move Up key has no such effect for me in Kodi. I wonder what the difference is between our setups that allows you this extra functionality?
  11. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    Ah sorry about that - looked into that further @Ian - I had completely forgotten that when I was messing around previously, trying to get a different product to provide this function (there was no \ key on that remote), I created a mini remote keymap.xml file - now I know 100% that this was not programmed for that specific MoveUp key on the W10, however that is what it transpired to control

    I have attached the keymap file to this post - navigate to Kodi/Userdata/keymaps and copy the unzipped file to that

    This is the file code

    <Up mod="Alt">ToggleFullScreen</Up>
    <key id='61467'>Back</key>

    The first part is what is making that FullScreen Toggle of Kodi using the front side 'MoveUp' key
    The second part is defining the backspace key function ('back' to previous screen in Kodi)
    The third part is another function that 'stops' a video that is playing in your FullScreen - that is the backspace key on the backside of the key-board that does that (but backspace functions otherwise when not actually playing a fullscreen video)

    If you solely want that 'moveup key' feature you can delete those other parts of the code using a Notepad Editor type of program

    It would look like this

    <Up mod="Alt">ToggleFullScreen</Up>

    Meanwhile, the other suggested way around is just keep Kodi in Full Screen and use the Tasks key

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  12. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Ah! Now it all makes sense. Thanks for your help, you're a gent.
  13. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    Did you try it? :D
  14. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Yes, works a treat! Thanks again.
  15. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    My suggestion are for new model in future:

    - Add microphone to Voice Search
    - Add option to disable backlight to save battery
    - Add more IR devices control TV, STB, SAT, BR, AUX etc. let's say 6 devices minimum.
    I know additional devices buttons take more space on remote for buttons, so solution is make one button called "DEVICES" for switching them and make on top LED for seperate devices, TV, STB, SAT, BR, AUX etc.
    - Add KODI launch button
    - Add "Input" button for TV
    - Add Stop, Next, Previous buttons for media playback
    - Add full support for Nvidia Shield TV (I know this is Win10 remote, but would be great if it will work 100% on Shield TV also)
    - Add option to sync with more than 1 RF receiver, on remote buttons 1, 2, 3, for selecting between receivers.
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  16. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Anybody from Pepper Jobs read my suggestions ?
  17. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    Not affiliated in P-J in any way, but as an impressed user, I will comment on your suggestions:

    First two are reasonable -
    - microphone - nice-to have but not essential for me
    - the disable backlight - I would prefer to be automated on an ambient light sensor so it simply does not activate unless in low light conditions - once it's dark, you really need it and actually the opposite is the case, it shuts off a little too early for me

    The rest are trying to make this something it is not - a universal remote. It is an excellent WINDOWS air-mouse and key-board.
    The last 5 of your suggestions are functions all readily & easily achieved by the air-mouse in Windows and if you want something that better supports an Android TV device, in my opinion you would be better served by a remote specific to those devices.

    This is a great product for its intended service - Windows devices - at an excellent value
    - and adding all that complication to make it a Universal Device is just going to add that - complexity - and its associated cost.

    I also have Android devices and use a different remote for those - and also a Harmony universal, which in spite of its really high cost does not perform on Windows anywhere close to how this W10 does.
  18. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    I can agree, this is remote design for Windows 10, but also no at all, it support TV, which is very good idea, as you can see designer of this remote thought about that and make it little universal remote.

    But even better would be as I wrote above, instead of support only one IR device TV, add options to support more devices, which is nothing complicated for anyone. add "DEVICES" one button for select between devices on LED above. TV, SAT, BD etc, and everyone have choice what want to program, only TV like now, or want to learn more devices.

    For example, you hit once "DEVICES" button and it control TV (TV LED blink) you hit twice it skip to second device (lets say SAT) etc.
    This is the best implementation to remote like this, and also do not take extra space for additional devices buttons, only little space for thin LED's with devices names.

    About lighting - light sensor it's really good idea also, but for someone who want to save maximum battery, switch on side of the remote for OFF lighting will be also good idea.

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  19. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Here is my prototype design :) hope you like it, and I wish to be something like this.


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  20. Sieds

    Sieds New Member

    Please do not just extend the backlit timer, power consumption is already quite high. Maybe it can be made adjustable, just like the mouse speed, because needs can vary between users.

    I would suggest the option for backlight completely off as well, not everyone uses this in the dark.