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    Exactly, should be switch on side to power on/off backlight, or option to turn it off by combination on buttons, few levels to set from completly off to low to high backlight.
  2. PeterMac

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    What is also miss in this remote

    Scrolling buttons! or scrolling wheel.

    Something like LG has in their magic remotes.

    If I switch to mouse gyro cursor I can't scroll webpages !
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    Got some suggestions about how to improve this product. To make a v2. However for the very best changes, it is also necessary to remake the moulding.

    It needs improvement! Too good to waste. The general size, and dimensions are good.

    I also believe that being able to reprogram the firmware. Reflash over usb port. Would be a positive. For example with an STM32 "L" series MCU. That can have a low power usage, but still operate over USB port.

    Speaking of which, usb recharging would make sense, because the battery life is so short. I do not know how to solve the power usage, except make a number of changes for the backlight. Not just only the delay, but also probably the LEDs, and their brightness, etc. Not sure how much energy cost for the radio either.

    For the moulding I think you can maybe? Reduce the height of the battery compartment, if switching over to a rechargable Li-ion (with integrated charging over usb port). This could potentially make room for another 1-2 rows of buttons at the bottom of the keypad. For example a 2nd set of playback controls, etc.

    At the top, and this is why I believe the moulding must be redone: the big matrix of 12 keys. With all the special functions. Well this matrix is slow to navigate by touch alone (without looking). So it is a good idea to split that 12 key grouping (4 lines of buttons) into 2 sperate groupings, each of 6 buttons (2 lines). By adding a seperator in the middle.

    Because otherwise your finger is running around in the middle of the keypad and you cannot really know where you are.

    I think these are the main issues. Also the choice of soft rubber has good hand feel. Unfortunately the keys rubs off. This then means the label on the keys is lost. However to fix that issue might create new problems, for example with a different material. It would not feel so good in the hands. Perhaps it can be solved without making it worse. Perhaps not.

    Finally coming back to the MCU. I do hope you can use an STM32L series. For programmable keys. This is because it makes the product so much more useful. Especially for multi platform. And just to be capable of avoiding the common keypress to register when not intended. For example a button that makes "F5" can have unintended consequence when the active program happens to be responding to that. So it prevents the key from being used for something else. The global key bindings.

    Hope that you guys can please get back to me / message me for more discussion about product development. I would like to help. For example by giving further feedback on some of these features in a prototype product. I would be happy to help.
  4. Ken

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    Thanks for your comments! Indeed we have a concept of a new remote but we are uncertain what changes Microsoft maybe implementing for their next Windows so we have to wait until that is launched... and yes a complete re-design will be necessary, and with a new moulding of course.
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    Love the product been using it for about 2 years everyday. Went through many many packs of batteries.
    A few things that can be improved.
    1. Air mouse needs a timeout function hate it when the mouse stays activated when not in use. I believed this is the number 1 issue with battery draining. (Maybe having a physical switch on the side?)
    2. Totally understand the power pc button, but dam accidentally hitting it shuts off the computer immediately.
    3. Wish it had some cool netflix/kodi shortcuts.
    4. Scrolling wheel please.
    Everyone has great ideas hope v2 comes out soon.
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    I am looking forward to it.
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    @Ken when do you expect (approximately) the new version is released? I am thinking about buying an existing version but I would wait if the new one is out there in coming 1 or 2 months.
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  9. Sam Wonder

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    Having used the w10 gyro for over a year, very happy with it. Overall happy with design.

    Regarding other users recommendation of upgrades;
    I understand the use of AAA batteries, which anyone can use rechargeable AAA if they're concerned about that.
    I'm happy so far with just using a single IR profile for managing all my devices. I have the main functions for 2 TVs, surround sound system, optical selector and ceiling light mapped across the remote.
    I can see having a mic and a dedicated button at the top of the remote above 'TV' would be useful for people who use those features, but not for me.
    I can see a backlight off/on switch might help conserve battery life, perhaps hidden in the battery compartment, but I'm fine with current light timeout. Whether ambient light meter would work as whether these use power to monitor light levels and also the remote is handled in various orientations, so the light sensors get blocked by hands and fingers.

    My recommendations are just to replace some buttons with different Windows features.
    So the buttons that can go are 'Main M', as even power users aren't using this regularly and otherwise just right click on the start menu; replace 'Notification' as not sure what this is intended to do other than select an icon in notification bar, which just use mouse for this, and 'Move Up' button, as I've no idea what this does.

    Instead, replace the 'Move Up' with a 'Mute' button, then swap the 'back', 'forward' buttons with 'Vol down' & 'Vol up' so that the bottom six buttons become a dedicated media section, and the back, mouse, forward buttons is the navigation section.

    Then replace 'Main M' and 'Notification' with 'Fullscreen' (so perhaps F11 to make websites and apps fullscreen) and 'Esc' to help come out of fullscreen and various screens/overlays that are difficult to close.

    "Typed on my w10 gyro remote"
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