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    I've upgraded this machine as much as I'm aware is possible (16 GB RAM, 2 TB internal HD) and I'm not able to load 2 videos for editing in Kdenlive without red-lining the cpus and basically freezing the desktop (not even HD videos mind you, like 480). I'm not sure what else could be done to improve performance with the current hardware configuration.

    I've read a lot about kits to add external graphics processing to laptops. Basically taking the spot occupied by the wireless card (NGFF connector under the 2TB internal drive). I'm currently running Ubuntu, and wonder what do I need to know about the likelihood of finding a compatible device that will work with this mini pc, and what do I need to do to prepare the machine for such an installation (BIOS settings configurations etc)? Also, If there is not sufficient clearance for the cable with the 2 TB drive installed, can said drive be housed externally, and accessed via USB (setting it up with mount points to access my home folder stored on it)?
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    You may max out the video graphics memory to be shared from the RAM in the BIOS, you may also unlock the TDP to 12W (also in BIOS) to squeeze every last juice out of this device. After all, it's a low-power mini PC, not a power-horse.

    Is the hardware video decoder being properly utilized in Ubuntu? That should leverage a lot of the CPU resources. The built-in graphics is OK to handle video encoding/decoding of up to 4K at least.

    Kdenlive does not really utilize hardware video acceleration, while other software may.
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