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    Got this pair today. Approximately US$117
    (It turns out that this pair works just fine.)
    On the other hand, Win 10 OEM are US$126 (Home) / US$167 (Pro) here.
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    You can add Crucial CT4G4SFS824A - Crucial DDR4, 4GB(1x4GB), 2400Mhz, CL17 to that list.
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    Hi Ken,

    I purchased the 8gb Kingston RAM which works fine but when I try to insert the 4GB Adata? RAM that came with the comp in the extra slot the comp won't boot until I remove it. When I got the machine the 4GB RAM worked fine but I wanted to upgrade to at least 8GB. When I first got the 8gb I inserted it in the extra slot but the machine was only seeing the 4GB. Do you know what could cause this?
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    May I know which Kingston model did you buy?
    Could you please upload a picture?

    If you use the original ADATA 4GB module on either slot, does it work properly?

    By the way, please clear CMOS without connecting to the mains after you changed memory configuration, the button is located on the right side of the case, inside the tiny hole with a recover logo (the side with the power button).
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    I just tried it again (8gb+4gb) & now both are showing :D. Either I didn't have them inserted all the way or resetting the CMOS did the trick. Thanks for your help!

    Here's the 8GB RAM (in case anyone else is interested) .
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    Yeah, now you have 12GB of RAM ;)

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    I got my pepper jobs last we from Amazon got the extra memory (4)but when I look at the system in windows it tells me that I only have 4. Should have 8.
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    Please check and make sure the new stick has been plugged and locked into the right place.

    We've seen 1-2 cases that the new memory isn't installed properly and have no contact with the RAM slot.

    Please send a picture and we may help you check.
    (Please show the brand and model of the new stick)
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    Is 8GB total (adding another 4GB) sufficient if I am just going to use the GLK-UC2X as a media player and streamer?

    If I do want/need to jump to 16GB is using two separate Crucial 8GB SODIMMS is same as the 16GB kit (8GBx2)?