Power delivered by USB-C port of various devices

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    Not all USB-C ports are borne equally...
    we shall update this list whenever we try something new.


    Dell XPS 13 9360: 5V/3A max.

    HP Spectre x360: Port 1: 5V/3A max., Port 2: 5V/0.9A max.

    Mi Book 15": Port 1: 5V/3A max., Port 2: 5V/1.5A max.

    MacBook Pro 13" w/touch bar: Port 1-4: 5V/3A max.

    HP Chromebook G1 13": Port 1: 5V/1.5A max., Port 2: 5V/1.5A max.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 5V/0.5A max.

    Huawei P20 Pro: 5V/1.5A max.

    Mi 8: 5V/1.5A max.


    Lenovo T24m: 20V/2.25A max.

    Lenovo T24h: 20V/2.25A max.

    Acer PE270K: 20V/2.25A max. (wakeup power logic is wrongly designed for all Acer models)

    ASUS MX27UC: 20V/2.25A max.

    LG 27UK850-W: 20V/2.25A max.

    Dell U2419HC: 20V/3.25A max. (Does not support USB-C video output to GLK-UC2X)