Questions about type-C input signal

Discussion in 'XtendTouch' started by Dennis_, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Dennis_

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    I have a Samsung S8+. I used to use a Samsung S10+. I exclusively use the provided cables.
    They rarely work now, 2 years on.
    Now, they never ever work.

    This screen has gotten more and more finicky and less reliable, the longer I've had it.

    This forum is absolutely lacking in helpful information as well.

    For the incredible amount of money this device costs, it is incredibly fragile and unreliable.

    Please provide support for the ports not receiving a signal. Some guidance at all.
  2. Support

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    1.) Check if the cable is becoming defective - by getting a new, certified cable:

    2.) DeX works simply by plug and play, so no special guidance can be given.

    If the product doesn't work fine, why do you come 2 years later??

    DeX works much much better on S10+ than S8+ because of better hardware.

    P.S. Thread title edited - we welcome feedback but not in an offensive manner.