Text in bottom right during loading.

Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by Stephen, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen New Member


    I think ever since re-installing windows 10 from a USB, I’ve had 2 letters in the bottom right of the screen on boot up loading screen. Everything functions normally, but I don’t think that text was there before I re-formatted.

    I can’t exactly remember what’s in the bottom right. I think it’s like A5 or A0, or A6, just in the very bottom right corner. Why is that happening?
  2. mbp

    mbp New Member

    I'd like to know myself. On bootup while on the Pepper Jobs screen in the lower right corner, I see either 99 or gg...not sure which but would like to know why it's there.
  3. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    It's always there, 100% normal. that's the boot code.
    If it's hung it tells you which step it's stuck at.
    Sorry for the late reply.