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Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by Ken, May 21, 2018.

  1. Ken

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    Review by Roberto Jorge:

    Review by Tech Connect (Rivers):

    Review by AndroidPC.es:

    Review by Lon.TV (Lon):
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  2. Androsky

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    Thanks, seems to be a good product ;)
  3. Ken

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  4. jmtomi

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    The learning function does not work for me. When I long press and hold down the TV button the led turns on to red and some seconds later starts to blink slowly in red and purple alternately (purple is red and blue led together). What can be wrong?

  5. jmtomi

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    And I solved it: the battery was weak for the learning function while other functions work without any problem. :)
    So I replaced it and now works pefectly!
  6. Ken

    Ken Administrator Staff Member

    Are you using new batteries? Blinking BLUE LED means battery is low.
  7. Ken

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  8. Wespa

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    Hi. For android tv boxes will not work?
  9. Ken

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    Hi Wespa,

    As W10 GYRO is a remote primarily designed for Win10 environment,
    not all keys may work with Androd.
    For example, home button of Win10 is not compatible with Android's Home key.
    So if you are going to use this remote on Android boxes, make sure you have access to its virtual Home button.
    Or, consider other products that are designed for Android.