Will this power on my PC?

Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by Ian, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Ian

    Ian New Member


    My new Gigabyte Brix Mini PC can be powered on from an S5 state via USB. I've confirmed that this is working with a wired keyboard, but would the W10 Gyro be able to do the same?
  2. DEcosse

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    Are you sure this is actually S5 state?
    S5 would normally be completely off and typically not available for wake from USB
    So I would be surprised that your Brix can power up from S5 state from a USB keyboard*.

    *However ..... I just tested this with my Intel NUC and was indeed able to do this with the W10 Gyro Remote
    I needed to do three things
    In BIOS, enable USB in S4/S5
    In Bios, enable wake from S5 with USB
    In Windows Power settings, DISABLE fast start-up (you must do this step)

    If your Brix has a CIR sensor, if you enable the option in the BIOS I believe you should be able to turn it on from IR as opposed to via the USB;
    however when I tested this mode with the W10 (USB wake disabled) the power button would not turn on the NUC - when pressing the power button, you get a blue light, which is RF mode (via the USB receiver) - I don't know if/how the Power button can issue an IR 'on' command - perhaps @Ken can comment on that capability, either now, or future?

    But do you really feel the need to completely shut down the PC? It should have extremely low power consumption in the S3 mode and will wake immediately rather than have to boot up - that is my preference, but of yours may be different, so I respect that.
  3. Ian

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    Thanks for letting me know you were able to achieve this with the W10.

    A complete shut down is not absolutely essential, I'm just exploring all possibilities, out of curiosity. Although I must say, when the Brix is sleeping, the flashing white power light is usually in my vision and it's a touch annoying.
  4. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    I don't know about the Brix of course, but in my NUC BIOS I can change the behaviour and colour of the LED for each state - default is indeed flashing orange (vs solid blue when on) but I can change this to solid orange or even off - you might explore that further to see if you have similar options
  5. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Your NUC is definitely a lot fancier, the Brix has a very spartan BIOS, there are no such options for changing LED colours. Still, I got it at a bit of a bargain price, so I can't complain.