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Discussion in 'W10 GYRO' started by graeme wool, Nov 9, 2020.

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    I have been using W10 for some time now and it works great on my Windows 10 PC and Kodi using a monitor.
    I have recently decided to put Kodi onto Windows 7 PC in another room with a Panasonic smart tv as the display. The reason I am using Windows 10 as it acts via Play On program backend for my WD NAS. This is because good old microsoft put obstacles in the way with a Windows 10 block. However, I overcame this and all is good providing I keep my Windows 7 PC as server.
    Kodi on this PC works with Media Centre Remote but I am still left in a multi remote environment. I would therefore like to purchase another W10 unit for this purpose. All my devices can be learnt by the W10 via infra red pairing of all keys, so fantastiv. My only concern is the air mouse and buttons working within the Windows 7 environment via wireless dongle. My questioin, is it possible and ,if so, what will work and what will not?
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    4 shortcut keys are not going to work in Windows 7 because they did not exist:

    Main Menu / Search / Settings / Action Center

    other keys and features are fine.
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    Thanks. Very helpful, I think I can work the system without these as WMC worked without these under Windows 7 7 anyway. I hope this helps others with a similar concern or envisage setting up networked home entertainment system. Yor remote is the only one out there that meets all requirements with full button learning and the air mouse facility. One or two learning buttons are no good and those with wider learning facility do not have air mouse. Kodi developers say they developed it for remote use, but if you change skin to Rapier the OSD menu whist playing video can be operated with the air mouse; including Aspect Ratio and lots of othger handy settings whilst video runs.
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    I don't know until now.