Instable Video outputs GLK-UC2X

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    I connect my GLK-UCsX via HDMI to my Samsung Soundbar HW-N950 (HDMI input 2) and the soundbar is connected to my Samsung 4K TV. The other HDMI input on my Soundbar is connected to an Apple TV 4K. Where the Apple TV 4K is working flawless all the time, my GLK-UC2X unfortunately is not. Swithing my Apple TV on sets the Soundbar and my TV alive and switching of the Apple TV does the reverse thing. My GLK-U2CX however has a lot of difficulties to get a connection to the Soundbar. I have not found the trick yet how to get picture on the soundbar but most of the times resuming and restarting the GLK-UC2X a few times does seem to do the trick. This is very annoying and makes the solution not workable for the family. And maybe related: as I am considering to use a GLK-UC2X as PC to open RDP sessions I experimented with this same GLK-UC2X to connect to my 2 LG 27UK850-W monitors. One via USB-C and one via HDMI. This is also not working very robust. It took a lot of restarts untill the USB-C port was able to output video (and I still don't know why it started to work) and secondly the HDMI connection after a restart of the PC does not work. The only way to get the second screen (via the HDMI port) alive seems to be to reconnect the cable when the GLK-UC2X is switched on. Even when the monitor is switched off by the power saving settings in Windows the HDMI connected monitor is not powered up again when you hit the mouse or the keyboard. Also then I need to reconnect the HDMI cable. As such I summarize it as instable video outputs. I am using Windows 1809 and have all the updates installed and am running the latest Bios as posted in this forum. Hope this can be resolved.
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    What's your Intel graphics driver version, could you please share a screenshot?
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    For connection of Type C to LG 27UK850-W monitors, to ensure proper video output from the C port,
    connect it to the monitor before you plug in the DC power to the GLK-UC2X.

    It's stated inside the user guide that the C port is utilizing eDP signal to achieve triple display,
    and therefore it doesn't support hotplug.


    Alternatively, get an active mini DP to HDMI adapter if you need hotplug support, for example:
    Cable Matters Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (Active Mini DP to HDMI) Supporting Eyefinity Technology & 4K Resolution

    Last but not least, please use the latest DCH driver released by Intel,
    many bugs have been solved. (Last update was 29/05/2019)
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    I am using the Intel driver with version number As to hotplugging the USB-C cable. For me there would not be a necessity to do so and having one cable less (no need to use the power adapter) would also be a nice bonus. I have restarted the GLK-UC2X a couple of times without any luck. Would a restart normally be sufficient to get picture via the USB-C cable? After I had picture it remained on. Although I fail to see the logic it seems that getting new monitors top work with a new Windows 10 computer seems to be a bit of trial and error but after it works it remains working. The fact that the HDMI cable needs to be reconnected after a reboot or a sleep action from the PC is for me a bigger issue.
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    If you unplug the usb-c cable, without the existence of a dc adapter, then the pc would lose power. So the next time you connect it back, it should be just like a new cold boot.

    And if you are using type C + hdmi outputs, then the primary display would be type C by default (to the PC it thinks it is a built-in panel as if it’s a tablet), so before you login to windows, hdmi would not display (security reason, same behaviour for a laptop’s hdmi output).

    “The fact that the HDMI cable needs to be reconnected after a reboot or a sleep action from the PC is for me a bigger issue.” - this shouldn’t happen, you may try using DC adapter and hdmi output alone for a day and two and see.