No video signal over USB-C

Discussion in 'GLK-UC2X' started by mark, Apr 25, 2020.

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    Hi, I'm not getting any video signal over USB-C. USB-C is plugged in before GLK-UC2X starts (as matter of a fact USB-C is its power source). What can I do to get this fixed?

    My setup is GLK-UC2X plugged into 3 Dell U2520D monitors, one over HDMI, one over DP, and one over USB-C. The monitors plugged into HDMI and DP work fine. I have the third monitor powering GLK-UC2X using USB-C so the connection is fine, yet the monitor says "No USB Type-C signal from your device" even though its input is set to USB-C even before GLK-UC2X is booted (also tried rebooting with the monitor input set to auto detect.)

    I tried a USB-C to DP adapter to see if there is a problem with video signal carrying over USB-C - that works fine so the video signal can apparently carry ok over USB-C. But I prefer to use USB-C directly so I can use it as the power source and avoid having an extra cable for power cluttering my desk.

    I also tried a USB-C to HDMI adapter - no signal there.

    I also tried a different 2 different USB-C cables (both supplied by Dell and at least one has been used with my Dell laptop and one of the monitors before without problems) and tried moving connection types between the monitors and it's always the USB-C connection that carries no signal. Please help!
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    We analyzed before, Dell monitors USB-C power design are different from other brands and cannot be used to power up a device from cold start, charging a laptop is alright though...

    Brands that we tested OK:
    Lenovo, LG, ASUS

    Brand that we tested with problem of cold start:

    Brand that we tested with problem of waking up from sleep:

    P.S. To get a proper signal output from the USB-C to DP or HDMI cable,
    you must connect the cable to the monitor before plugging in the DC power to the PC.
    The USB-C port of the GLK-UC2X does not support hotplug as we stated.

    And only one screen will display before you signed into Windows,
    this is a Windows security feature.
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    Bummer. So I guess that means Dell monitors don't work with GLK-UC2X over USB-C then? Kind of sad about this because I hoped for a clean setup but now I have an extra power cable and a USB-C-to-DP dongle hanging off the back of GLK-UC2X. Not to mention I can't use the dongle for other things now. :( But I really appreciate your honest analysis.
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